In this blog post, I highlight some of the features of OneNote and how it can help you boost your productivity in the office or at home.


Why should you use OneNote?

OneNote is a collaborative notetaking app that helps you get organized and work better as a team. You could use it as a collaboration space for your teams or an area to share important resources, links and policies with your team. You could use it for user specific projects, taking meeting notes or tracking sales progress.

Provides a Collaborative Experience

Notebooks can be shared with people inside or outside your organization. When a team member makes changes to the notebook, their name will show up beside it so you can easily track changes.


It is Platform Agnostic.

It works across all devices and platforms. You can sync your notebooks across all devices and you can access it offline as well.


It is Searchable

You can search all your notebooks or sections for a keyword.


Ability to add Rich Content

Can include hyperlinks, images, files and embed content straight from the web like YouTube videos into your notebooks.


Helps you get organized

Sections are tabs within a notebook. You can have as many sections in a notebook. You can password protect sections. You can group sections within notebooks. You can change the color of sections.


Tips before getting started with OneNote

When you create notebooks, try to stay consistent. You could create a separate notebook for user projects and a separate notebook for work meeting notes.

It is recommended to save your notebooks to a cloud location, so you don’t lose your work if your computer crashes. I prefer saving my notebooks to my One Drive.

You can integrate OneNote with Outlook by clicking the Meeting Notes Icon in your outlook calendar to take notes for a particular meeting.

Use a template to help you get started with OneNote. Once you get more familiar with OneNote, you can add your own templates.

Here is a starter template to help you get started - Starter Template