In this post, I will summarize the vision and roadmap of SharePoint and One Drive announced at Microsoft Ignite 2016. Learn how Microsoft is reinventing content collaboration.

Simple and Powerful File Sharing


  • Better Sync Client (fixes a lot of issues experienced in the older client)
  • Activity Center in Sync Client provides insights into what’s going on.
  • Surface all your files and sites in One Drive and Sync SharePoint libraries in One Drive
  • Storage has increased to 25TB of storage per site/group
  • Sync SharePoint Libraries using the One Drive Sync Client and Sync SharePoint individual folders.
  • New Guest Access in Office 365 (no need for a Mirosoft Account)
  • Open SharePoint documents directly from the One Drive site.
  • New File Previews fore new file types like PDF, photoshop previews.
  • New sync client allows you to choose which files you want to take offline. Files are still visible even if not taken offline.

Mobile and Intelligent Intranet


  • Modern Team Sites with powerful and fluid pages.
  • Office 365 Groups integration.
  • Powerapps and Flow.
  • Yammer and Power BI integration.
  • New Mobile Apps
  • New Modern SharePoint Pages render beautifully on mobile devices, incluing text and images
  • Easy to add from a gallery of webparts, support multimedia and rich experience.
  • News - Ability to view all news articles from all your teams in one place.

Document Libraries


  • Ability to see an activity feed for the entire library.
  • Ability to add links to libraries- allows you to collect information from all differetn places and expose it to your teams.
  • Ability to group by metadata in a modern libaries without changing the view.
  • Drag and drop documents into different groups of metadata and assign the new metadata automatically.



  • Connect to your systems and create new data
  • Build apps without writing code
  • Publish and use on web and mobile



  • SharePoint Admin Center: Control access from personal devices (prevent users from downloading, printing or syncing from non-domain computers).
  • Control access based on location (network locations) - Supply IP ranges to restrict network locations.
  • Ability to tag each site (General Purpose, Internal, Confidential) - guide users how they should use the site and who they should share it with. Can add guidelines for users. You can apply policies based on the tags.

Auditing and Reporting


  • Insights into how sharepoint and one drive are being used
  • Insights on how many active users, how much storage, insights per user
  • Find who is sharing internally, sharing externally or any suspicious activity.
  • Logging - Unified Logs for Hybrid Customers - On Premises and SharePoint Online