In this post, I will share an excellent video series on implementing a Rental Agreements Solution in SharePoint.


This video is demonstrated by Peter Kalmström from Kalmstrom Solutions. In this particular solution, we would like to store Rental Agreements for warehouses and stores in SharePoint and apply some business rules to them. You can use the concepts you learn here, to build your own business solution.

Some of the concepts and techniques covered here are:-

  • Creating a Rental Agreement content type and Site columns (Sq Meters, Start Date, End Date, Renewal Date).
  • Using SharePoint Workflow to Set the renewal date and send an email on the renewal date.
  • Applying a Retention Policy to permanently remove agreements after 10 years.

Create the Rental Agreements Content Type and Site Columns.

Add the Rental Agreements Content Type to the Warehouse list.

Create a SharePoint List Template from the Warehouse List.

Create a SharePoint Workflow that sets the Renewal Date.

Create a SharePoint Workflow that sends an Email on the Renewal Date.

Apply a Retention Policy to the Rental Agreements.

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